Dear Paul,
   I don't think so. Ludovic Kennedy is a well known British broadcaster as
well as an outstanding campaigner for civil rights. He has campaigned for years
to gain a pardon for James Hanratty who was hanged in Britain in the early 60s
on highly insufficient evidence for the M6 murder. Kennedy also argued for
another posthumous pardon for Derek Bently who was hanged as an accomplice
for the murder of a policeman. He did not fire the actual shot but uttered
the infamous words, "Let him have it" which he always maintained meant that
the underage killer Craig hand the gun to the police offer he murdered. Since
Craig was underage, the British judicial service took its revenge on Bently.
This was the suvject of the 80s movie, LET HIM HAVE IT, by the director of
  On the"Ludovico" imagery, what about looking into critical commentaries on
Burgess? Could "Ludovico" be a wordplay complination of "ludus" (sic?) -
"play" and the Renaissance figure "Vico" symbolizing humanism's supposed
mastery of the universe in terms of the perversion practiced by the fictional
British government in the novel?
  Tony Williams
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