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                   I S E A 9 6
     S e v e n t h   I n t e r n a t i o n a l
               S y m p o s i u m   o n
             E l e c t r o n i c   A r t
 R o t t e r d a m ,   T h e   N e t h e r l a n d s
      S e p t e m b e r   1 6 - 2 0 ,   1 9 9 6
 - P R E L I M I N A R Y   P R O G R A M -
The ISEA Foundation and the Rotterdam Festivals
Foundation would like to welcome participants to the
Seventh International Symposium on Electronic Art.
The symposium brings together experts on all aspects
of artistic applications of electronic technology in a
scientific, creative and educational forum of scientists,
artists, policy makers and all other specialists in the
field of the electronic arts.
The five day event will offer lectures and hands-on
learning experiences by international experts on the
current state of the electronic arts. Papers, pannels,
poster sessions and round tables, selected by the
International Program Committee, will be presented on
the most recent developments in computer graphics,
computer animation, computer music, video art,
interactive art, including CD-ROM and Internet
applications, artistic applications of robotics, computer
aided literature and dance, etc. There will be special
focus on Networked Art and on education as a means
to bridge the gap between artists and scientists.
Other symposium events will include an art exhibition at
the symposium site, a larger exhibition organized by
V2, R96 and the Dutch Photo Institute, an Electronic
Theater, Concerts and Performances.
During and directly following ISEA96, numerous other
Electronic Art events will take place in Rotterdam,
ensuring that your visit will be a fascinating one. The
Dutch Electronic Arts Festival (DEAF96), including a
large exhibition, concerts, performances, A Web Site
Exhibition and an Internet project in the Harbour
Simulator, as well as the public events organized by the
Rotterdam Festivals Foundation, deserves your special
The Organizing Committee plans a stimulating and
challenging Symposium where artists, scientists,
technologists, curators, writers, students and teachers
can exchange expertise and ideas and come away with
a broadened sense of the potential within their fields.
Your participation is an integral part of the succes of
the program and we look forward to meeting you in
Rotterdam, September 16-20.
                G E N E R A L
            I N F O R M A T I O N
The Symposium will be held at the 'World Trade
Center' (WTC) Congress Center, Beursplein,
Rotterdam. During the Symposium the organization
can be reached at the WTC by telephone:
+31-10-405 44 44. Trains leave every
half-hour from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport to
Rotterdam Central Station. Train traveling time is less
than an hour. There is a local airport in Rotterdam with
connections to several European destinations.
The WTC is located right in the city center, 10-15
minutes walking distance from Rotterdam Central
Station and can also be reached by the subway as well
(Beursplein/ Churchillplein station). The Workshops
and Tutorials will be held at several locations in
Rotterdam, the Hague and Amsterdam.
More information, with reference to the locations, will
be sent to you together with the confirmation of your
R E G I S T R A T I O N  A R E A
Registration of the Symposium will be at the WTC
from 4.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. on Sunday, September
15. From Monday, September 16, to Friday,
September 20 registration will be open from 9 a.m. to
8 p.m., at the WTC. Participants can receive mail
during the Symposium adressed to ISEA96, World
Trade Conference Center, Beursplein Rotterdam.
During the symposium you can be reached by fax
(+31-10-477 86 05) as well.
I S E A 9 6
 R E G I S T R A T I O N
Participants are strongly advised to preregister for the
Symposium. Since places are limited for ISEA96,
participants are strongly advised to register a.s.a.p.
Some venues have limited capacity, so priority will be
given to those registered first. All ISEA96 public events
and the exhibition of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival
are free of charge for ISEA96 participants.
Payment for registration and hotel reservations should
be made by cheque, Master Card, Visa Card or
bank-to-bank transfers. Cheques should be payable to
ISEA96, Rotterdam. Bank-to-Bank transfers of money
should be directed to the account of 'Stichting ISEA96,
Rotterdam' with the Postbank, Amsterdam, The
Netherlands, account number 4524912. Be sure you
state your name and address on the bank statement.
Do not send data relating to your credit card via
E-mail, but make a copy of the attached registration
form and send or fax it to the ISEA secretariat.
Your registration will be acknowledged by letter after
receipt of fees due. On presentation of this letter at the
registration desk you will receive all documents relating
to the Symposium.
Notification of cancellation must be in writing, telegram,
fax or E-mail to the Symposium Secretariat.
Cancellations received before September 1, 1996, will
be reimbursed the total amount less 25% for
administration and banking cost. Refunds will be
processed after the Symposium.
Rooms will be reserved for symposium participants at
several hotels in Rotterdam. Reservation of a hotel
before july 15, 1996 is recommended. For Hotel
reservation please include Hfl 200,- hotel deposits.
 L A N G U A G E
The official conference language of the Symposium is
Full Registration
Before july 15: Hfl 550,-
After July 15: Hfl 650,-
Group Rate (10 persons or more): Hfl 500,- pp
ISEA members  before July 15: Hfl 500,-
ISEA members  after July 15: Hfl 590,-
Daily rate symposium: Hfl 225,-
Daily rate students: Hfl 50,-
Workshop/Tutorial fees per day
Symposium participants: Hfl 175,-
Non Participants: Hfl 225,-
Hotel Reservations
Class A- Single: Hfl 270,-  Double: Hfl 320,-
Class B- Single: Hfl 200,-  Double: Hfl 235,-
Class C- Single: Hfl 160,-  Double: Hfl 200,-
Class D- Single: Hfl  50,-  Double: Hfl 110,-
It is possible to stay at the City Hostel as well.
The price will be around Hfl 30 per night, with sheets costing an
Hfl 6,-
A B O U T  T H E
 I N T E R - S O C I E T Y  F O R
 T H E  E L E C T R O N I C
 A R T S
The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA) is the
parent organization behind the ISEA Symposia.
The ISEA Symposium series was initiated in 1988 by
the Dutch Foundation for Creative Computer
Applications, in order to found an international and
inter-discplinary network of artists, technologists and
scientists. The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts was
founded in the Netherlands between the first and
second Symposium.
Since then it has published a monthly Newsletter (both
electronic via E-mail and as a hard copy), coordinated
the continuing Symposia and started national or
regional branches. Active branches (both formally
founded or still leading an informal, but active
existence) are ISEA-NL, ISEA-Japan, ISEA-UK,
ISEA-Canada, ISEA-Brasil and ISEA-Australia.
HeadQuarters have been located in Rotterdam, but as
of ISEA96 they will move to Montreal, Canada. The
idea is to move HQ and secretariat every five years.
The Board of the Inter-Society is chaired by founder
Theo Hesper and is elected by the ISEA members
every three years.
For further information consult: or get the
brochure from ISEA, c/o Dirk Boon, POB 1624 1500
AP, Zaandam, The Netherlands.
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