From:   John DuQuette
 1 800 575 REEL
pager: 860 948 3821
REEL continues to offer Bolex maintenance, overhauls, and repairs.
Our technician is, I guarantee you, one of the best techs in the
country.  He is formerly with Swiss Camera and Optics and also
formerly with premier special effects house R/Greeberg.  A  DP in his
own right, you'll be hard pressed to find work equal to his, be it
behind the lens or over a jewelers screw driver and a can of
compressed air.
Camera:         Check and Adjust Tolerances
                Calibrate all inner workings
                Replace anything worn, broken, or "about to go"
                Clean Thoroughly
                Proper Lubrication
                Calibrate and Adjust Film Transport Assembly for proper loop,
                        auto-load and film transport.
Lenses:         Calibrate Flange Depths
                Calibrate Lenses
                Replace and Adjust Rings as Necessary
Price:          $340.00 plus parts
                $25 return shipping, insured
BOLEX REPAIRS beyond overhaul:  FREE ESTIMATES, fair pricing
Send us your camera with appropriate check or money order (be sure to
pack well and insure) to:
        Attn: Luke Geissbuhler
        12 East 22nd Street, Unit 2E
        New York, NY 10010
        Reel Trading: 800 575 REEL
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