We have been asked to spend some time doing a feasibility study before
actually launching APOLLO, and so before anyone on the list sends in
papers, we would ask that you take a moment to reply to the questions
below.  Also, the web address is really:
Best--Murray Pomerance
M e d i a    S t u d i e s    W o r k i n g    G r o u p
a t    R y e r s o n   P o l y t e c h n i c   U n i v e r s i t y
is currently exploring the feasibility of publishing
                               a new journal
                    A     P     O      L      L      O
APOLLO would seek to publish scholarly articles from a variety of disciplines
devoted to the study of issues in narrative and representation in a wide
range of media including film, television, theatre, literature, fashion,
photography, and others.
(1) Do you believe there is a need for such a journal, and if so, why?
(2) What sorts of articles would you like to see published?
(3) Could you imagine yourself submitting work for publication in such a
        journal?  (  ) YES    (  ) NO   (  ) UNDECIDED
(4) Could you imagine yourself wishing to subscribe to such a journal,
        or to purchase it regularly?
        (  ) YES    (  ) NO     (  ) UNDECIDED
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