> >Interesting how much clamour there has been over such a simple ending.  I
> >suspect because the film was so intense, that the last subtle remark came
> >several minutes too early.
Am I the _only_ person out there who was irritated by the very linear
editing of "12 Monkeys"?
One of the key ideas played with in the film is the whole idea of
fantasy versus realty and how time travel would cause one to confuse
the two.
As an audience member, I just couldn't understand why Bruce Willis's
character got so confused about what is real at one point where he's
talking with the psychiatrist in the seedy hotel -- as an audience
member who had experienced what Willis had seen in the film so far, I
wasn't confused at all.
Overall, I just wanted this film to stop being so neat and tidy and
really _try_ to confuse me.
Maybe I'll make my own edit of the thing for my own amusement when it
becomes available on video.  Heck, it would probably be a good
exercise for an editing class in film school.
Randy A. Riddle, Winston-Salem, NC
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