The Filmmaking Society has gone through some NEW changes...
The International Filmaking Society (IFS) is an organization consisting of
students and working professionals in the field of motion picture production.
The headquarters are based at Arizona State University in Tempe Arizona with
growing divisions across the globe.
*** Statement of Goals  ***
    B. Shoot a dozen (or more) quality shorts on both film & video to
        market to film festivals and Home Video releases (this FALL).
2. Foster a filmmaking community of students who are committed to work
    together on any given project (i.e. EYE IN HAND FILM FESTIVAL).
3. Start petitioning for a serious, hands-on Film Studies program to be
implemented within the ASU curriculum in the next two years.
4. Remember to have Fun while being Focused when working on Film.
Future  Activities
Host creative & technical workshops on campus (i.e.: 35mm Panavision
Visit local film sets in Arizona
Advertise the club everywhere(including INTERNET for $$ Financial support $$)
Network with other film clubs from other colleges (UofA, SCC, USC, etc.)
Attend premier movies together (for Fun & Analysis values)
In 1996, I encourage everyone to try to get involved in any capacity because:
        Everyone has something to offer;
        No matter how great or small;
        Get involved ... for there are many opportunities for us all!!
Currently, the Filmmaking Society is led by:
        * Chief  Executive Administrator --- Danny Mormino
        * Campus advisor ---Matt DeJesus
        * Vice-President --- Jess Rankin
        * President --- Dan Barrett
If you have any questions, comments, or suggests, feel free to contact me!
Dan Barrett
e-mail: [log in to unmask]
ALSO...We re looking for sponsors and submissions for:
IFS is the host to the 1st annual "Eye In Hand" Film & Video Festival 1996.
The festival is scheduled for the 13 through 15 of September. IFS is
accepting various features, shorts, documentaries, animation, experimental
and music video from all genres. Entries must be received by August 1st or
postmarked by July 26th.
Call or write for entry forms and any additional information regarding the
International Filmmaking Society at:
"Eye In Hand" Film and Video Festival
Attn: Jess Rankin- Vice President
2430 S. Mill Ave. Suite #104
Tempe, AZ  85282
(602) 517-1383
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