>>I have recently been assigned to pick and write a paper on a film
>>auteur for class.  Since I have just been an observer on this list
>>up until now, I am interested to know if anyone has any recommendations.
>Without subjecting myself to a debate on the the validity of the auteur
>theory, I would suggest two directors who have rarely been discussed within
>such a framework (and who I think are "auteurs"): Phillip Kaufman (The
>Wanderers, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Right Stuff, The Unbearable
>Lightness of Being, etal) and Atom Egoyan (Speaking Parts, Family Matters,
>Calendar, Exotica, etal)
The correct title is Family Viewing.  Other Egoyan titles: The Adjuster,
Next of Kin.  Egoyan will be directing a film for Mel Gibson's Icon
Pictures and another based on Russell Bank's novel The Sweet Hereafter
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