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Subject: RE: Cin(E)-Poems on the Web.
Hope all is well with you. Some exciting news from us!
The National Poetry Association and the Poetry Film Workshop are happy to
announce that 4 Cin(E)-Poems are currently available for viewing on the
Internet via Videostreaming technology from VDOLive. The site is located at  Currently, people with Macs are unable to view
the entire VRML site but you can still catch the HTML stuff.  I'm going to go
out on a limb and say that this marks the first time a non-profit arts
organization is using video streaming technology to bring poetry and art to
65 million people worldwide. (Zounds good, no?).
Please mention it to whom and where ever you like. I will forward more info
in the next few weeks.
Take Care and good luck.
-George Aguilar, PF
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