Can anyone lend me a hand?
I'm doing some work on Jeunet & Caro's 1991 film _Delicatessen_ as
postmodern text, and I'm especially looking at the moment at genre pastiche
within it. It seems to me that the basic plot premise of the film is that of
the horror sub-genre of the innocent, wayward traveller calling at the
forbidding, isolated house for food/shelter (or on this case, work) - only
for things to go slightly awry...
My problem is classifying the sub-genre. It's not quite the Haunted House
sub-genre of every known episode of Scooby Doo, but certainly seems to fit
with films fromn Psycho to Rocky Horror.
I'd be totally grateful if anyone could give me a nice neat classification,
or give some examples of other films based around the same plot premise.
Many thanks!
Graeme Hayes
(Lecturer, Univ of Wolverhampton)
PS I get the list in digest, so you can contact me directly instead if you want.
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