On Tue, 20 Feb 1996, Tad Taborn wrote:
> Does anyone know where I can obtain a copy of  _Tranformers The Movie_? I am
> looking at violence in animated features and television cartoons. I believe
> Transformers was the first PG rated animated film due to violent content.
it should be at your local blockbuster.  boy, does that bring back good
memories.  I absloutely loved that film, but I suppose it was due to the
fact that I was the target audience way back when.  Perhaps also because
weird al jankovic had a song on the soundtrack.  in any event, i believe
that was also one of the first kid's full-length animations to have
cursing characters!  and some of them actually died!  some other toons
that come to mind along these lines are WATERSHIP DOWN and the G.I.JOE
MOVIE, which is similar to its Hasbro-robot counterpart.  Good luck.
oh yeah, THE SECRET OF NIMH also comes to mind.  of course, I haven't
seen any of these in years...
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