On Wed, 31 Jan 1996, Michael A. Arnzen wrote:
> Hi, Screen-L,
> I'm trying to build a short list of comedies which seemingly parody
> Hollywood filmmaking in a self-reflexive manner, comedies which
> rely heavily on the quotation of earlier films (either as "nostalgia"
> films or "remakes").
I'd look at a lot of the Buster Keaton stuff.
His short THE FROZEN NORTH included a parody of the Hart westerns
THE PLAYHOUSE -- Thomas Ince's seemingly endless self credits
and of course, one of the best films ever made, SHERLOCK JR. which
looks at the entire business of reality and fantasy in film making
Then there was his first short ONE WEEK which was a parody of THREE WEEKS
(only 1/3 as passionate!)
Hope this helps
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