Liz Weis inquires:
"I would very much appreciate references to scenes, lines of dialogue,
characters that refer to insurance.  I would guess that most of them
would refer to insurance salespeople.  Most useful would be comic references.
If possible please mention something that would help me locate the scene, as
well as the title and possibly the specific line of dialogue.  To save you
all the trouble, I've already remembered Bruce Baldwin in _His Girl Friday_..."
to that effect) and Lloyds of London and Double Indemnity.  But just minor
characters are equally helpful for my purposes.  Thanks.  liz Weis, the
Stern Professor of Humor (no kidding!), Brooklyn College, CUNY."
These may be obvious, too, but there's that policy George Bailey is waving
around in IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE.  Doesn't the murder in THE POSTMAN ALWAYS
RINGS TWICE also involve insurance?  And an insurance scam is part of the
backstory for GET SHORTY.
More obscurely, there's a 1985 British film called THE INSURANCE MAN, directed
by Richard Eyre, with Daniel Day-Lewis.  I haven't seen it, but it sounds
In Hitchcock's NOTORIOUS, the necklace Bergman wears to the party is
"not insured," she is told.  Various heist films also involve insurance,
particularly HOW TO STEAL A MILLION with Peter O'Toole and Audrey Hepburn.
In MY MAN GODFREY, a pearl necklace is used to attempt to frame Godfrey
but they too are not insured.
I'm sure insurance of jewels plays a big role in TO CATCH A THIEF, and
MARNIE's chief nemesis is a businessman who has been ripped off and isn't
satisfied with the insurance (if memory serves).
Don Larsson, Mankato State U (MN)
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