These are *my* favourites when it comes to analysis of the contemporary act=
Brown, J. A. (1993) Bullets, Buddies and Bad Guys. Journal of   Popular Film=
Television. Vol 21, nr 2.
Smith, P. (1989) Action Movie Hysteria, or Eastwood Bound.      Differences, nr=
Tasker, Y. (1993) Spectacular Bodies: Gender, Genre and the     Action Cinema.=
London: Routledge.
And, since at least the original poster apparently reads Swedish, I'll add:
Lahti, M. (1991) Naturliga muskler - och onaturliga.=20
        Filmhaftet, nr 75-76.
And, why miss the opportunity to shamlessly plug my own:
Dalquist, U. (1993) I Was a Teenage Schwarzenegger: Om  actionhjaltar och=20
manligt identitetsarbete. Filmhaftet 83-84.
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