If you think $150.oo is too high to rent a film, I hope you won't be
IMITITION OF LIFE(34) ZAPRINSKI POINT  and hundreds of others are out of
distribution not because of a right problem but because the distributor
does not see the value of making new prints. A new print from an existing
negative costs around $500.oo but some negatives are either fragile or
unusable. Here at Kino we are about to due a test on the 81/2 negative
which is fragile. New prints will probaly run between $1000 to $2000. We
were lucky in that we were able to make a new print of The Bicyle Thief for
around $500.. SWANK in particular almost never replaces prints and Films
Inc. has found that many 16mm negatives are unavailable from the studios.
As for Lady From Shanghai, Obviousy the price goes upo when its an
exclusive title. When it was $80.oo it was unusually cheap. As for Em Gee
films, by all means rent SO THIS IS PARIS but I have seen them try to rent
titles that are absolutely illegal (CITIZEN KANE for example) .
 I realize everyone had budget problems, but just do not be suprised if
there are no more 16mm to rent in a very short time. The utter lack of
cooperation between the acedemic community and distributors over the years
is startling,
I blame both sides equally. As far as I know SCS has done nothing to
effectively communicate with Films inc. and SWANK. Remember the classroom
is only a small percentage of their business and if you don't commicate
with them rationally, you can't be suprised when they no longer carry the
prints you want.
Jessica Rosner
Kino International
Kino International Corporation
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New York, NY 10018
fax: (212)714-0871
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