David Jaffe inquires:
"I am looking for a film that deals with the Asian immigrant experience
here in the US.  I remember one with Dennis Quaid, but I've blanked on
the title.  This is for a course on race relations.  Other films I am
considering are El Norte, Do the Right Thing.  Any suggestions?"
The Quaid film is COME SEE THE PARADISE (1990, directed by Alan Parker).
Even better, I'd recommend Ang Lee's THE WEDDING BANQUET, which deals with
questions of assimilation and sexual identity as well (and is funny and
touching to boot) and Tony Chan's low-budget film, COMBINATION PLATTER.
The latter is especially interesting as a study of problems in communication
among cultures: Asian vs. white; Tawainese and Hong Kong vs. Mainland
Chinese; even speakers of Mandarin vs. speakers of Cantonese, and--oh yes--
men vs. women.  It's a remarkable movie that doesn't pose any easy answers!
Don Larsson, Mankato State U (MN)
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