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April 26 - 30, 1996
will focus on Video, CD-Rom and CD-i presentations, Installations,
Interactive works, Internet projects, Performances, lectures. All
selected productions will be shown publicly on a large screen, on
monitor or on computer, depending on the nature of the work. The
video, CD-Rom, and CD-i productions can also be viewed
individually on request. For this purpose a large number of
viewing-sets and computers will be available. Many pieces will be
presented and accompanied by introduction of the artists. The
main sites of the festival are: the Theater aan het Spui and the
Haags Gemeente Museum.
Spui 189
2511 BN Den Haag
tel: 31 (0)70 3644 805
Entry-forms of the 14th World Wide Video Festival 1996 will be
available from early January 1996 onwards.
Information about the World Wide Video festival on the World Wide
Web will be available January 1996.
A programme brochure will be available March 1996.
WORLD WIDE VIDEO CENTRE - Antoinette te Paske
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Spui 189
2511 BN Den Haag
tel: 31(0)70 3644 805
fax: 31(0)70 3614 448
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