*****  Easy Rider mainstream?  Maybe now but it wasn't when it came
out.  Some obvious suggestions:  Do the Right Thing, Hoop Dreams, The
Jazz Singer, Near Dark, Stranger Than Paradise, Run of the Arrow,
almost any Oscar Micheaux film.  For a film about "ethnicity" it might
be impossible to do better than Blood In, Blood Out even though it's
directed by one of those nasty white males.  And for what it's worth,
perhaps the best book i've read about "the idea of America" is Steve
Erickson's Leap Year, a chronicle (of sorts) about the 1988
presidential campaign.  He's also covering the 1996 campaign for
Rolling Stone; the first installment is uneven but definitely worth
reading.   Best, Lang Thompson
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>I am designing a writing course that examines the question of identity
>through looking at films about the the American idea of America, if
>makes any sense.  The class deals particulary with films about
>individualism (in the section on mainstream directors we're looking at
>things like "Easy Rider" and "Sergeant York.")  I've got enough
>for my section on Hollywood films by white male directors, but I want
>second half of the course to examine the work of directors who
>a variety of perspectives in terms of things like "ethnicity" and
>and who are working outside the beaten track of the Hollywood
>Any suggestions?  I'd like to get as varied a set of perspectives as
>possible.  If you have ideas, could you include a synopsis with your
>suggestions?  This would help me to narrow my options.  Thanks in
>Jeanne Provost
>University of KY, Lexington
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