Rolf,  Thanks much for the Slausen reference.  You hit it on the head, actually.
My ignorance was a result of not watching the Johnny Carson show.  As it
turns out, Johnny had this bit where he's a used car salesman who directs
people to the Slauson cutoff and then asks the audience:  "And what do you
do when you get to the Slauson cutoff?"  The audience then answers:  "You
cut off your Slausen."
Here the pickle maker informs the joke further.  Now this fits in w/the
very numerous references (many other names as well) to dismemberment (in
the double sense used by Euripides as well as in Barton), to cutting off of
bodily parts.
Remember Charlie is the decapitator here and this decapitation is also
related to the penalty in the Book of Daniel which heavily informs the
film.  But here I've gone on too long when I wanted only to thank you.
David Goldblatt
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