We're in the process of trying to make SCREENsite (the film/TV studies
Web site) more accessible to non-English speakers.  What we're
currently doing is translating the two welcome/opening pages into as
many languages as possible.
Work on French and Spanish versions has begun, but we still need folks
to do other languages.  Any volunteers out there?
Please contact Jeremy Butler, SCREENsite Webmaster, at
[log in to unmask]
For starters, we're only doing the two main pages, which is only about
three typed pages of material.  The rest of SCREENsite changes so much
that it'd be a Herculean task to translate the entire thing.  But, we
hope that giving non-English speakers a point of entry will be a
No knowledge of the Web and its HTML protocol is necessary!  All the
translators need to do to do is send us a word-processed file and
we'll take care of the rest.
Please please please!  Help us help others!
Jeremy Butler
mailto:[log in to unmask]
SCREENsite:  http://www.sa.ua.edu/tcf/welcome.htm
Telecommunication and Film/University of Alabama/Tuscaloosa
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