As a new subscriber to this list, may I ask fellow members for some help.
I am researching a Ph.D. thesis on the subject of Opera Singers on Film -
the Opera Singer as Movie Star.
I am trying to build up as wide a field of research contacts as possible,
in all parts of the world - individuals, libraries, archives, film
collections etc.
There are certain films that I have been trying to locate - though I have
had some success with some of these.
The No.1 list at present consists of -
(1) Any of the silent movies made by Geraldine Farrar with C.B. DeMille -
particularly "Carmen" (1915) and "Joan the Woman"(1916)
(2) "Thais" with Mary Garden (1918)
(3) "Tsar Ivan the Terrible" aka "The Maid of Pskov" (1916) with Feodor
(4) "My Cousin" (1920) with Enrico Caruso.
Copies of this material exist in archives such as the Museum of Modern
Art, NY, The George Eastman Collection and Gosfilmofond (Moscow), but
these are not so easily accessible to me here in the UK.
Do any subscribers know of copies from other sources ?
Any ideas or advice would be most greatfully recieved.
Best Wishes,
Goldsmiths College, University of London.
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