Kimberly Hale-
"Complaints of a Dubtiful Daughter" came to mind initially.  It debuted on
P.O.V. this summer and has gotten quite a bit of acclaim.  Frances Reid, a
friend of mine, was the cinimatographer (see below).  Also P.O.V., a PBS
series, specializes in self-reflective, or first-person video documentaries.
 They have been going for a long time on PBS.  I've included contact info on
them as well.  Good luck.
"Frances","Reid","Executive Producer","Iris Films","Academy Nominee, Straight
From The Heart","2600 Tenth Street, Suite 413","Berkeley","CA","94710",
phone: 510845.5414
"Ellen","Schneider","Co-Producer, P.O.V.","Executive Director","American
Documentary","220 West 19th Street, 11th Floor","New York","NY","10011",
phone: 212989.8121
Tony Deifell, Executive Producer
The -ism (n.) Project
Institute for Public Media Arts
115 Market Street/Durham, NC 27701
Phone: 919/688.0332
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