>     The AFTRS library is looking for any information on a Portuguese
>     trash filmmaker whose name is (we think) Xiao Di Caixo.  He is
>     apparently the maker of "Tonight I will enter your movie" and
>     "Tonight I will enter your cinema".  For some reasons the extensive
>     databases and bibliographies held in this library somehow overlook
>     this man of great importance.  Sorry..he's also known as Coffin Jake.
>     We think his films come under the category of Asian Trash - his half
>     Portuguese/half Chinese name may point to Macao.
>     Awaiting reply from the wise.
>     Neil Pollock
>     Australian Film Television & radio School
This may be no help but, There is a film called "Coffin Joe's Vision Of
Terror" in Portuguese by the Brazilian filmmaker Jose Mojica Marins. I guess
the Coffin Jake & Portuguese Reference triggered my leap.
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