> Would someone in New Zealand be able help me in finding more information
> about a 'documentary' by Peter Jackson ('Heavenly Creatures' fame). It is
> about an apparently fictional character called Colin McKenzie who has
> invented colour in the cinema. My information is second hand so correct
> me if I am wrong. I have been told it was on TV1 a couple of weeks ago in
> New Zealand and that there was some fuss about it.
>  I'd like to get a copy of this too.
> As I understand it, the "fuss" was that it was a "fake" documentary, but
> people believed it. Is this correct?
> Susan Denker
> Tufts Univ./Museum School
> Boston
The October 31 Hollywood Reporter indicates FORGOTTEN SILVER prompted
something of a WAR OF THE WORLDS phenomenon in New Zealand when it aired
about three weeks ago, creating a great deal of discussion both inside and
outside the industry. Many in the media were upset at the revelation that
Colin Mackensie was a fake and especially that  government funds were used
for what was described as a "mockumentary."  There was also the observation,
however, that not since ONCE WERE WARRIORS has any film so shook up the
In the US FS is to be booked with showings of Sam Neill's documentary on NZ
film, CINEMA OF UNEASE.  No release dates were given although the latter did
play at the NY Film Fest last month.
USC/Critical Studies
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