We are a group of two-toed sloths who are studying the film Un Chien
Andalou.  We had 2 questions about the symbolism in the film.  We would
also be interested in further discussion beyond the 2 initial questions.
That is if you move very slowly.  First Question:  What do the ants in the
hand symbolize?  Are they connected to Dali's use of ants?  Second
question:  Why did Dali and Bunuel show the eyeball being slit in
conjunction with the moon being cut by the cloud?  We understand the visual
concepts but wonder if the symbolism of the cut is significant and how.
Thank you.  Goooooooodddddd Bbbbbbyyyyyeeee.  Flower, Beach, Vice, and
Windchime under the leadership of Cloud Cover.
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