Ron Hoffman wrote:
>It seems to me that what we are dealing with is a tradition of the male
>superhero which goes back to ancient times.  After all, is T100 really
>any different from Achilles or Sigfried?  The male warrior is as old as
>the hunter and the battlefield.  There is often a moral ambiguity to such
>characters, but they often fight for the *good* be it country or cause.
>In our culture, Superman, Spiderman, etc. are American equivalents of
>this (shall I say *macho*) tradition.
>By the way, in terms of the Terminator films, don't forget that
>Terminator I was a bad guy, and I believe his transformation into the
>good superhero had as much to do with Schwarzeneger wanting to be a good
>guy as it did anything socially significant.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I have a vague memory of hearing that Big Arni=
*demanded* that he play a good guy in order to participate in T2...
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