Cagney famously pushes a grapefruit into Mae Clarke's face in "Public
Enemy."(1931).  Chas. Laughton in "The Private Life of Henry VIII" (1933) in
the banquet scene eats meat and throws the bones over his shoulder .  The
clambake from "Carousel." (1956). The big picnic in "Oklahoma!" (1955).  In
"Giant" there is a touching scene in which the children play with a handsome
turkey and then later see it on the Thanksgiving table and go ballistic. In
"Citizen Kane" breakfast takes place with husband and wife a block apart. In
a Spencer Tracy picture (maybe "Adam's Rib"?) he pretends he's going to shoot
her (? wife, I don't remember) but then eats the chocolate pistol. And let us
not forget "eh, what's up, Doc?"
-Pip Chodorov, Paris
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