> As a long-time SCREEN-L member, I find I get crotchety about the frequent
> requests for films about certain subjects, listings that could be easily
> found in reference guides. So, instead of kvetching about that, I thought
> I'd prompt other members to include good resources for those kinds of
> category and content-based sources. Here's my suggestion to start us off:
> Halliwell's Filmgoer's Companion. Halliwell has listings for hundreds of
> categories that can be very useful. What other handy sources do people use?
Good point, Chris, and I'd like to enlarge it to include
computer-based sources.
My two cents:
Microsoft's CINEMANIA is easily the most visible of the film-based
CD-ROM's.  It's in (at least) its third edition now and has improved
consistently over those editions.
The film and sound clips are fluff and virtually useless (and I
refuse to accept digital video till it hoists itself up to 30 fps),
and there are some nagging factual errors (especially in the
filmographies), and I wish the search engine were more robust, *but*
it's still mighty handy and reasonably priced.
I've tried a couple other databases that were DOS based, but they
didn't have the breadth of CINEMANIA.  However, isn't there one out
there that is rooted in the BFI or something?  Is this the one that
costs several hundred dollars?  Has anyone tried that out?
Jeremy Butler
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