I don't think anyone has mentioned one of the most famous eating images in
Western film--Charles Laughton slinging around chicken bones in THE PRIVATE
It also seems that eating scenes are de rigeur in films with medieval settings.
Errol Flynn brings a poached (but not cooked) deer to the feast in THE ADVEN-
TURES OF ROBIN HOOD; in THE LION IN WINTER, Prince Richard is entertained with
the new delight of "brandywine"; it's either LION IN WINTER or BECKETT where
King Henry II comments on the new device called the "fork"; and there are
numerous scenes in similar films of dogs competing for scraps on the
staw-strewn castle floors (Polanski's MACBETH is no exception!--oh yes, there's
also that witch's brew!).  Even the recent and negligible A KID IN KING
ARTHUR'S COURT features medieval delicacies like boar's snout vs. American
kid food.
And so on.
Don Larsson, Mankato State U (MN)
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