Readers of this mailing list may be interested in checking out the homepage
of the Virginia Festival of American Film, at The Festival, scheduled for its
eighth annual installment from October 26-29,  offers an unusual blend of
scholarship and entertainment, classics and premieres. This year's theme is
"U.S. and Them," and is addressing ideas of "foreign-ness" in American film,
and ideas of America in foreign film.
Highlights include:
*Ruben Blades and director Brian Cox premiering "Scorpion Spring" and
discussing politics of immigration in contemporary U.S.
*Premiere of "White Man's Burden," the new film on a world of reversed race
relations, with respondents Julian Bond, Debbie MacDowell, and Paul Gaston,
and director Desmond Nakano.
*Director Wes Craven with a premiere screening of "A Vampire in Brooklyn."
*Fay Wray with King Kong and Erich von Stroheim's "The Wedding March"
*Tim Reid, Richard Roundtree, and Phylicia Rashad with "Once Upon a
Time...When We Were Colored" and "Shaft in Africa"
*Free panels on images of immigration, emigre artists, screenwriting
ethnicity, and foreign film exhibition in the U.S., featuring Jeanine
Basinger, novelist Mary Lee Settle, screenwriter Frank Pierson, Milestone
distributors Dennis Doros and Amy Heller, and many others.
*A Tribute to "Salt of the Earth" with producer Paul Jarrico and labor
organizer Dorothy Healey
*Actor Treat Williams, Producer Mark Johnson, and director Wayne Powers
present "The Taming Power of the Small," followed by Treat Williams'
introduction to a screening of "Hair"
*Filmmakers Kayo and Mari Hatta with "Picture Bride"
*Photographer William Klein, subject of a Bayly Museum exhibition, with Mr.
Freedom and "The Little Richard Story"
*Filmmaker/cultural theorist Trinh T. Minh-ha with a lecture on art and
gender politics, and a screening of "Surname Viet Given Name Nam"
*Robert Flaherty's daughter, Monica Flaherty, with a print of "Moana" which
she restored and scored
*Producer David Brown and director Michael Moore with "Canadian Bacon"
*Archivists Patrick Loughney and Paolo Cherchi Usai with early silent films
on immigration, accompanied by legendary silent film pianist Philip Carli
*Roger Ebert with a workshop on "The Third Man" and on a panel on foreign
film exhibition.
*DeeDee Halleck and more than fifteen other independent filmmakers
*Plus poet Bob Holman with "The United States of Poetry,"  visiting scholars
Chon Noriega, Patricia Zimmermann, Scott MacDonald,  Anna Marie Smith and
Marguerita de la Vega-Hurtado, and over forty scholars from the region
participating in post-film discussions.
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Director of Programming
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