Someone asked me recently what I thought the role of the Producer was
     in a specific film. I have to admit that the answer I gave was not
     entirely satisfactory. So, willing to learn, I would be grateful for
     any opinions on how one determines the specific function(s) of a
     producer when viewing a film/TV programme. i.e. in the same way that
     one can say "That's a typical Spielberg movie!" or "Mike Leigh's
     screenplay was up to his usual standard", can one say the same thing
     about the role of the Producer in contemporary films? Is a 'good' film
     always associated with a 'good' producer and vice versa?
     Is there anything in particular that one should watch for in a film or
     TV programme in order to determine the Producer's input into the final
     product? Is a 'good' producer one that makes a fat return on the
     investors' money? One that puts together a good team? Someone that is
     associated with a glossy slick product?
     I always had the impression that the Producer was hidden behind the
     scenes, stapling together bits of paper and shouting at people when
     the schedule is not adhered to, but I would suppose that this is not
     doing justice to what must be a very important, if not vital function
     in the materialisation of any film/TV programme.
     David Moon
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