The National Association of Broadcasters announces the 1996 Program
of Grants for Research in Broadcasting. This program permits maximum
awards of $5,000 to individual grantees
Possible topics:
--internet users and content providers
--cost effectiveness of live news coverage
--audience research gethering techniques that will meet new
technology challenges
--changing relationships between networks and local stations
--TV programming in the 1990s (children's violence, informercials)
--impact of new ownweship regulation on radio industry
--effects of new technologys on broadcast industry
--channel loyalty: audience behavior from broadcasters' & local TV
viewers' perspective
--defining patterns of TV viewing
--changing role of TV/ radio in viewers/listeners' lives
... ...
 The competition is open to all academic personnel.
Deadline:      Proposals must be received no later than Feb, 1, 1996
Winners of the research grants will be noticed by April 19, 1996
For application forms or more information:
Dr. Mark R Fratrik,
Research and Planning
National Association of Broadcasters
1771 N Street, N. W.
Washington, DC 20036-2891
Tel: 202-429-5389
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