From: Tony Williams
 We must not forget SOLDIER OF ORANGE or TURKISH DELIGHT either. These are
both Dutch films starring Rutger Hauer. TURKISH DELIGHT is a sexually explicit
film but far more serious (especially the conclusion) than Verhoeven's later
Hollywood work. FLESH AND BLOOD is an interesting medieval epic with all
the characters (including "Tom Cruise" type young hero and heroine
Jennifer Jason Leigh totally corrupt in motivations and behavior). It is
a film contradicting Hollywood codes of morality and interesting (despite
Susan Tyrell's anti-Rutger tirade in a past issue of PSYCHOTRONIC).
  But is it not interesting that both Verhoeven and Hauer have done little
work of any value since their incorporation into the current dreck mood of
Hollywood cinema? Surely, another example of talents dissipated by American
cultural imperialism. Let's look at the wider picture.
 Tony Williams
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