While paging through my newly arrived cable guide for Oct.,
I noticed that AMC's Film Preservation Festival this year
is doing a whole buncha old comedy shorts.  Not just the
Chaplin/Keaton/Lloyd stuff we know by heart, but more
out of the way stuff, too.  Eddie Cantor, Jack Benny,
Fred Allen, George and Gracie, Max Davidson, Fatty
Arbuckle, the Ritz Bros., and more.
This is not my area of expertise, so I'd be interested
in a few taping recommendations from those more in the
know.  Any gems that we should be watching for (with
VCR's poised)?
I don't have the stamina to do the entire Laurel & Hardy
marathon coming up this weekend.  Any recommendations
of particular L&H shorts?
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Greg Smith
Carlow College/University of Wisconsin
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