I'm forwarding the following call for papers on behalf of Vivian Sobchack
and Rhona Berenstein.
This is a call for contributions to SCARY WOMEN: FEMALE MONSTERS AND
FIENDS IN AMERICAN POPULAR CULTURE, an anthology coedited by Vivian
Sobchack (UCLA) and Rhona J. Berenstein (UC, Irvine).
The editors are seeking a few additional 25-30 page manuscripts (in nearly
final or completed drafts)for a scholarly anthology that is near
completion. Ccurrent contributors include Sobchack, Berenstein, Linda
Williams, B. Ruby Rich, Lynn Spigel,Barbara Creed, and Janet Staiger.
Although we are looking for work in these areas from established scholars,
we would be glad to consider relevant submissions from doctoral students.
We are specifically interested in submissions that focus on the following
two areas which are now underrepresented in the volume:
(1) "scary women" in American television (past or present) and/or;
(2) "scary women" of color in American cinema or television.
(What constitutes the "scary" is open to broad interpretation. Current
topics range from middle-aged women in low-budget horror/SF to Barbie to
"bad girls" and "psychofemmes.")
Please send three copies of submissions to Sobchack and Berenstein by
October 1, 1995
c/o Andrea Kalas
Archive Research and Study Center
46 Powell Library
405 Hilgard Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90024
For further information regarding this anthology and this call for
submissions, please call Andrea Kalas at (310) 206-5390, or email Vivian
Sobchack at: [log in to unmask] or Rhona Berenstein at
[log in to unmask]
Work Address:
Program in Film Studies
University of California
Irvine, CA 92717-2435
(714) 824-6279
(714) 824-2464 FAX
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