From: Tony Williams
 This particular assessment begs a lot of questions, especially in simplifying
and reducing what is actually a very complex movie.
  On one point, I doubt whether Dim and his fellow Droog become"law-abiding
citizens" by joining the police. They merely use the uniform to continue their
aggressivepractices against the helpless members of society. Whatever one's
opinion of Alex, he does fall into that category after prison..
  Finally, from a British perspective I thought Kubrick really hit the button.
Many vicious adolescents later joined the police force to continue their
activities against racial minorities and other social victims - at least,
those who did not get early police records. The tradition continued under
Thatcher. May 1995 saw the tenth anniversary of police assault against
New Age travellers (several of whom were pregnant women) celebrating the
Summer Solstice at Stonehenge (now cordened off as a highly expensive yuppie
tourist trap).
   Tony Williams
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