I'd like to ask you kind folks for information on the German
filmmaker & animator Lotte Reininger.
        A friend at the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the
Univ. of Texas (Austin) is preparing an exhibit on Reininger.   I'm asking
on her behalf & out of my own curiosity as a video and film artist.
        In particular, we're seeking information on:
                                Location of holdings of her films;
                                Sources for videos of her works;
                                Info in particular on her films The
Adventures of Prince Achmet ('29)
                                        & Papagano ('35)
                but references to any writings of any kind, web sites,  (or
other lists I should post such an inquiry to), etcetera, would be
                Many thanks in advance,
                                                        Rhandon Hurst
                                                        University of Texas
at Austin
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