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you, Gene, be willing to spearhead this project? I would help in any way
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Thanks, Susan for the suggestion. The problem with it seems to me the general
unwillingness of rental sources to make such films available. As I said
earlier, the 16mm rental business is just "this" far from becoming the
buggy-whip business. Especially at this squeezed time, I fear the
distributors would be unwilling to shrink their already nearly moribund
business further.
I used to work in distribution and I can't imagine the distributor mentality
acceding to this notion. Furthermore, 16mm prints can be used for tape
duplication and this is another reason for them to fear such a development.
Sadly, I think we may have to wait until the 16mm business is, in fact,
extinct to implement such a proposition.
Gene Stavis, School of Visual Arts - NYC
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