Gloria Monti and other Hitchcock afficionados will want to take one more
look at PSYCHO.  Marion Crane does not *steal* $40,000 exactly--at least
not at the point Gloria has pointed out.  Technically--and with AH we
must be technically correct to understand--she *is entrusted with*
$40,000 and intends to purloin it.  Then, as she voyages, she intends to
return it.  Agents get in the way of her doing so, and are thus morally
responsible.  Note carefully that it's the weekend and until Monday
morning there will be neither recognition that the money's gone nor any
effect at all on the owner of the money.  Who are the agents?  Well, the
first is a policeman . . .
Thus, the "crime" is produced upon Marion from the outside, just like the
stabbing in a way.
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