The file of Birgit Kellner concerning East Germans
played by Austrians reminded me about several films
of Aki and Mika Kaurism=E4ki (e.g. "Helsinki Napoli All Night Long", "La=
 vie de
boheme", "Rosso" etc.) where the main roles - irrespective of the nation=
of the character -  are constantly played by their favorite
Finnish male actors. I myself have enjoyed a lot this kind of mixture (M=
Pellonpaa pronouncing French as slowly and inexpressively as he uses to =
Finnish or Kari Vaananen as an Italian criminal resembling a real Italia=
n man
only as long as it concerns the colour of his hair) because
it seems to me that it works as a kind of "alienation effect", the conce=
of nationality has lost its importance.
This doesn't mean that "misrepresentation" of races or nationalities or =
whatever would always work in this way. Mostly not, I guess, but it can =
advantages, too. Comments, other examples?
Mari Maasilta
University of Tampere
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