You wrote:
>My name is Suki Maesen and I'm a student at the university of Antwerp
>(Belgium). My major is political sciences and I'm doing some research
>moviepropaganda. My research includes the analysis of 'nazi'-movies
>communist movies. (What methods do they use?...)
>If you have any information please send it to following e-mail adress:
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>Greetings from Belgium,
>Suki Maesen
Re: you request for info about Nazi movies...
Two interesting films I recently rescreened are terribly impressive
because the horrors of Nazi domination are explored as asides to other
stories. The films are "Seven Beauties" and "The Night Porter." Both
deal with survival and the lunacy inflicted upon the tortured in order
to survive. They're both off-beat and, in my mind, qualify as superior
films that have more impact than the didactic flick that simply preach
the evils of Nazi terror. Ordinary people in extraordinary
circumstances. What would you do? Peace!
Mike T
P.S. Also take a look at two others, these American--"Brother Rat" with
George Segal and the classic, "Stalag 17," starring Wm. Holden.
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