On Sun, 28 May 1995, David Desser wrote:
> Missy Price may have been thinking of THE BITTER TEA OF GENERAL YEN (Frank
> Capra, 1933).  Sexual tension/attraction/romance betwen "white" and Asian
> was a popular motif of films SINCE THE SILENT ERA.  DeMille's THE CHEAT
> (1915) is certainly the most famous, along with Griffith's BROKEN BLOSSOMS
> (1919).  On this issue see Gina Marchetti, ROMANCE AND THE 'YELLOW PERIL'
> and various essays, including mine, in, Lester Friedman, ed., UNSPEAKABLE
Yes I was thinking of the Capra film... and from what I remember
from his autobiography the film did ok in the States but failed
in Britain where the populace was more offended that a white woman
would be attracted to an Asian man.
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