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>   I work in the film industry but all of my knowledge comes from
>practical experience and simply enjoying watching films. Now this List
>has me curious about the analytical side of things. So where do I start?
>   What's a good primer to introduce the subject to an essentially
>non-academic type? Maybe then I'll have some idea what the hell you folks
>are talking about.
>                                TIA,
>                                       Danny.
Hmm...  Difficult question, since there's no easy way to jump into what is
essentially an extremely self-referential and jargonistic field.  However,
I recommend Mast, Cohen and Braudy's _Film Theory and Criticism_ to my
students as a way to start approaching what film theory in the
European-American context has been about.
Kristine J. Butler
Department of French and Italian
University of Minnesota
"To dissect is a form of revenge."
-Gustave Flaubert