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re. the Quebec/English Canada comment (Sorry, I can't quote whole passages
of text with this e-mail account...)
   The author of the original post can jump in any time here, but my guess is
that Seguin was showing a bit of nerve in a.) assuming he could conduct an
interview with Arcand in English, and b.) turning his unilingual status into
a joke when language issues are such a sensitive thing here. That's about
the best I can do. As I mentioned before, the two insults don't seem all
that comparable to me either. And of course we don't even know whether Arcand
was the least bit offended, since a print interview wouldn't reveal his
tone of voice. Maybe at this point I should stop trying to interpret someone
else's post and bounce it back to Kovik...Aside from the usual English/French
tensions, what *was* the big insult?
Lee Parpart
York University, Toronto, Ontario