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> Commercial production is like a mountain, there are many paths to the top.
> I'm basically in the same predicament but with a different spin. Use an agent
> if you don't trust your presentation skills otherwise agents are there to
> make money not to start carreers (in my experience). Use your head and your
> heart and you'll probably go farther than spending your time looking for an
> agent.
    I couldn't disagree with you more. A good SAG sanctioned agent will
have access to all the major productions passing through your area.
Often, a Director/Producer will refuse to see unrepresented talent, or
you may never hear about an audition till it's too late.
    Additionally, an agent usually costs you *nothing*. All SAG scale
contracts mandate the producer pays scale + 10%. AFTRA also, I believe.
    While there certainly are unscrupulous agents out there, most are
very valuable indeed.