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I just rented this video, starring Donald Sutherland, Yaphet Kotto
(a cameo) and a bunch of relative unknowns in an X-files-ish thriller
of parasitic alien invasion. Was this ever theatrically released?
It is definately a B-movie, but Sutherland lent a touch of class.
I'm developing a 'thesis' (though not in the literal, academic
sense) regarding name actors of considerable talent who get
involved in stupid sleaze-type projects. What motivates them?
Cash (in this case I imagine the payoff would have been slight)?
Favours to friends'/family endeavors? Puppet Master got off to
a very promising start and explored some potentially interesting
concepts but eventually degenerated into typical action-adventure
fare (most unlike X-files). It would make an interesting case study
in a nebulous genre of films that, unwittingly and unintentionally,
approach making a credible cinematic statement. Any others that
might fit this category?
David Smith
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