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Music Style      Title - Artist / Length          Media          Cost
New Age          WORLDS WITHIN - Tribolini        Cassette/CD    $49.95
                 10 Full Length Themes, 55 minutes
Jazzy New Age    FIVE CORNERS - Tomasz            Cassette       $29.95
                 4 Full Length Themes, 40 minutes
                 1 Extended Length
Meditative       INNER JOURNEYS - Ray Dretske     Cassette       $49.95
                 4 Full Length Themes, 40 minutes
Solo Guitar      DREAMS - Martin Sherwin          Cassette/CD    $49.95
                 10 Full Length Themes, 45 minutes
Contemporary     SOUND ADVICE - Tomasz            Cassette       $29.92
Instrumental     8 Full Length Themes, 45 minutes
                 1 Extended Length
OutChorus Productions is a audio production company expanding its
buy-out music library, serving the video/film post production industry
with alternative LOW COST buyout music. All offerings are original,
professionally produced and engineered. To keep our overhead low and
reflect SAVINGS on to you, we do not produce demo tapes.
Custom composing is always available with any of the above artists.
No royalties, no needle drop fees, no bookkeeping hassels!
Your initial cost is all you pay!
For further information on the above titles, e-mail Tom Kiebzak at:
[log in to unmask]
TO ORDER, simply send a check or money order with tape title to:
Tom Kiebzak
OutChorus Productions
6079 W. Mequon Road
Mequon, WI 53092
Tapes will be shipped immediately!
Thank you!