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On Fri, 5 May 1995, Rick Ferncase wrote:
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> Might anyone know whatever became of ROGER & ME Michael Moore's first
> fiction film entitled CANADIAN BACON?  I believe it wrapped shooting before
> featured actor John Candy passed away, and I also read that it was being
> edited last year, but what has happened to it since?
> -r. k. ferncase
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I remember reading about this film being shot in my hometown of Toronto,
and seeing promotional clips, but like you I haven't seen or heard
anything since. What I can say, however, and this might explain its
abscence, is that it appeared to not 'work'. It had a graphic and editing
style that said 'soon to be seen on very late night tv'. I loved the
premise though, and would probably be interested in seeing it.
University of Queensland.