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From: Tony Williams
 Without wishing to contribute any ammunition to Joey's particular polemic,
I'd like to point out that many of us (I,m a U.K. citizen, by the way, a
"legal alien" for what it's worth in Newt's America) would love the
opportunity of working in Canada. However, jobs posted are intended to
attract Canadian nationals in the first place. This is understandable in
terms of the U.S. "cultural imperialism" that Canada has faced forcing many
of its best talents (e.g. Donald Sutherland et. al.) to seek work in the
U.S.A. Now, other countries (e.g. Britain, Western Europe) are facing the
same problems of being overwhelmed by Hollywood detritus.
  Despite problems in the field of national identity and attempted cultural
definitions, any moves towards the development of specific cultural definitions
in studies and production need support, not blanket condemnation. Tony Williams