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>Hello everyone:
>I am trying to find the source and exact wording of a quote attributed to
>surrealist filmmaker and poet Jean Cocteau.  It went something like "Film
>will never become an art until its materials become as inexpensive as pen
>and paper."  I need to find the exact wording (French is ok) and the book
>wherein it may be found.
>Can anyone help?
>-r. k. ferncase
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"Un art auquel la jeunesse ne peut participer librement est condamne
d'avance. Il importe que la camera devienne un stylographe et que chacun
puisse traduire son ame dans le style visuel."
Jean Cocteau, En faveur du 16 millimetres. In: Jean Cocteau, Du
Cinematographe, Pierre Belfond, Paris 1973. The article was originally
published in the New York Times in 1948.
Hope this helps.
Klaus Eder
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