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On Sun, 30 Apr 1995 10:58:57 CDT Tony Williams said:
>The reply concerning the level of instruction in Cinema Studies within
>Canada is both highly insulting and ethnocentric. I would suggest the
>recipient conduct further research into this area and note the presence
>of scholars such as Peter Harcourt, Barry K. Grant, Richard Lippe, Kass
>Banning, Robin Wood (retired but still occasionally teaching), Peter Baxter,
>Caryl Flynn, Janine Marcessault, Kay Armatage, Florence Jacobwitz, Susan
>Morrison, Brian McFarland, Scott Irwin and MANY MANY MORE who are at least
>equal to (in several cases better than) many faculty teaching at these
>supposedly more prestigious institutions.
>  I would also suggest some knowledge of the developing area of Canadian
>Cinema taught at several of these institutions be mentioned in any future
>discussions.   Tony Williams.
From: Frank Burke    Film Studies    Queens University, Can.
Thanks to Tony Williams for his reply to Joey Schwartz re Film Studies in Can-
ada. This is the second posting on the subject from Mr. Schwartz which I have
found to be frustratingly inaccurate. Thanks also to Yves Level for pointing
out the great strength of Quebec/Montreal as a center for film studies.
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